14 February 2014

It is my great privilege and pleasure to announce a concert with a special purpose : to raise funds for the Waikato Breast Cancer Trust.

When I was asked if I would open my house for a fund raising concert for the Trust, I had to say yes right away. I have a lot of reasons: I lost my mother to breast cancer, then later both my daughter Priska and my dear wife Helga. And I frequently hear of others with similar experiences. To support such a valuable organisation with lots of highly dedicated people is compulsory for me and therefore you get this invitation.

It is strictly limited to 50 people and all the profit is going towards the Waikato Breast Cancer Trust. So please, make me happy and reserve one or more tickets by sending me an email. If you are not able to come but still want to support the Trust's great work, please send me a cheque made payable to: Waikato Breast Cancer Trust, Hamilton