A Feast of Chamber Music

The  Morandini House Concert on Friday 15th November at 6.30pm, will feature eight outstanding young musicians from the University of Waikato, playing together in chamber groups. These groups have been selected to compete in the National Final of the Royal Overseas League International Chamber Music Scholarship Competition later in November. In addition, the evening will include the World Premiere of a piano trio written by Mark MacDonald, specially commissioned by Gregor Morandini for the students to play in this concert. This work will be played by a chamber group comprising pianist Noelle Dannenbring, cellist Alex Swale, and violinist Alex Geary.

Cerberus Trio

Nathaniel Smorti (clarinet, winner of the 2013 University of Waikato Concerto Competition), Amelia Taylor (violin, 2nd prize-winner in the Sydney Australian Concerto Competition) and Hillary Scholar Dolan Cox (piano). The Cerberus Trio came 2nd in the 2013 Sydney Eisteddfod Musica Viva Chamber Music Award in June this year, competing against groups from all over Australia.


Balaenae Trio

Lauren Grout (flute, all-round winner of the 2012 NZ National Woodwind Competition), Catherine Kwak (cello, last year, at age 14 Catherine Kwak was a price winner at the 18th International Brahms Competition held in Austria, and placed 2nd in the 2013 ILT National Performer Awards), and Cherry Ngan (piano, semifinalist in the PACANZ Young Performer of the Year Competition two years running (2012 and 2010 [piano is on alternating years]) and winner of every class in all the local regional competitions including the Auckland Concerto Competition and the North Shore Piano Competitions.

Zingaresca Duo

Ngaruaroha Martin (violin, 2nd prize winner in the 2011 University of Waikato Concerto Competition while only in her first year of study at university) and Charlotte Ketel (cello, winner of numerous local regional competitions).

Note: Tickets available at the door for $40 (no charge for children under 14 years of age), with a light supper and wine/juice included.