10 December 2010

Angelina Yang and
Constance Hsu

Angelina Yang and Constance Hsu provide music of Chinese origin on Pipa, flute and piano. The Pipa is an unusual string instrument and, in conjunction with the enticing melodies of the flute, will provide an especially dramatic quality to the Morandini Concert evening.
Angelina Yang


The duo X-Improviso, Star Sherret and Christoph Maubach, perform music on flute, piano and Indian tabla. The ensemble takes its name from the Latin ex improviso, ‘unpredicted’, as they create music ’in the moment’. X-Improviso’s animated music comes alive through acute listening, as they play about with motifs and phrases, re-echoing the performers awe of Aotearoa’s varied land and seascapes. (Click here to hear an X-Improviso performance using two pianos.)

Katherine Parsons

Katherine Parsons, a 16 year old singer, guitarist and pianist from Cambridge, sings and plays contemporary music in a uniquely, fresh Kiwi style. Her music draws on a variety of forms, from Jazz to popular music and other contemporary styles which fill our society today.